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Performance Engineering Series – Tuning for Performance - Case Study – 4

 ActiveMQ Crash Introduction In this article let us look at an interesting case of ActiveMQ crashing and the symptoms it showed up and how it was resolved.   ActiveMQ is a widely used message broker that talks via a wide range of sources.   In the current context, its used for the purpose of sending email notifications where the test application places a message on the queue for it to be consumed by other interfacing applications for email notification delivery.   The ActiveMQ runs in redundant mode with active standby.   If a node goes down for any reason, the other node immediately picks up the processing and continues until it goes down.   ActiveMQ is initiated using a wrapper which was designed off a community release version and not the regular commercial deployment version.   The limitation of this would be explained later in the article.   Problem It was observed that the ActiveMQ queue fills up due to pending messages (or) the messages that cannot be delivered and end u