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Performance Testing Series – Load Test

Introduction This series of articles will introduce the reader to the arena of Performance Engineering.   After my first two blog articles which provided a 35000 feet of what is Performance Engineering is all about, I am sure most of you would be intrigued to understand more about it.   This series of articles should help you get started (in case you would want to take a dive) or would act as a refresher to many who are already in to this domain.   This series aims to discuss the testing aspect of Performance Engineering, how it is done, why it is done and what are the key take away points. Let’s race away by trying to answer the relevant questions What is a load test and why is it needed? After the advent of the internet and specifically the dotcom revolution bought the entire world close to being online.   Applications which were erstwhile desktop started getting connected via the internet.   With extensive development and advancements in the connection technologies, the idea of