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Performance Engineering Series – Tuning for Performance - Case Study – 3

A curious case of continuous Full GC’s with G1GC Introduction Continuing on the previous articles where I had explained about tuning a JVM and the parameters involved, this article specifically deals with a curious case of the same JVM dumping out some unexpected messages in the logs during internal tests, the investigation and the final outcome.  Readers are expected to browse through the previous articles to get a better context of what is being discussed here.  The performance test environment consists of a replica of the entire setup in an exact similar architecture to what is deployed in production.  The test engineers do extensive tests in different conditions to simulate production conditions and to understand the behavior of the application in various conditions.  For first time readers let me (re)introduce the application under discussion -  This particular application is responsible for Indexing and Search for the entire data that lives in the system.  The design