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Performance Engineering and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)

  Introduction Performance engineering (erstwhile Performance Tests, Load tests) and Site Reliability Engineering are the two most commonly interchangeable terms currently being used in the current software industry.  Although the gap between them is quite narrowed down but if looked at a microscopic level, these two are totally different fields in their own sense. Let’s try to look at each one of them in some detail today in this blog.   This will be an extension to my previous blog post and might sound repetitive a bit from a Performance Engineering standpoint, but for keeping this post complete, some of the information is reused here.   Performance Engineering From the dotcom revolution in the early 2000’s the requirement to ‘test’ websites became a need of the hour and lot of dedicated commercial / proprietary tools took the world by storm.  There was a time when the terms Load Runner / Silk Performer were synonymous to Load tests.  Due to the presence of dedicated teams, the test