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Performance Engineering Series – Tuning for Performance - Case Study - 2

  Introduction After all the comments and the feedback from the community which has been much encouraging, this is the second article in the engineering series also aimed at tuning the JVM.  In the first one we had delved deep in to tuning G1GC which can get complex at times depending on the application design and its intended usage.   Background In this article today, we will try to look at simple case of an application running Parallel GC which is primarily used for UI navigation of a complex micro service based system.   Here we are using the terms simple and complex which might sound contradicting, but just to give a birds eye view, this application is primarily used for UI side navigation with internal API based communication with all the supporting micro services.   So, this design is light weight and the heavy lifting is done by the services themselves, so the throughput is quite high and responsiveness is very important. In this context, the immediate thought that would cro